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August Community Update

Loonyy posted Aug 2, 17

Community Update | June

Loonyy posted Jun 19, 17

Before I get into the community update, I'd like to announce that our summer sale has begun with 45% off all items in our store(s)! The sale will end on the 22nd of September.

In this community update, I would like to just remind everyone that I haven’t forgotten about Elementum - I’ve been busy. It’s been my last month of college so I’ve had lots of work to do! I’m looking forward to finishing college for the year and coming back and working on Elementum since I’ll have heaps of free time! I’ve missed you guys.

This is why I’m requesting that people make good use of our suggestions section which can be found here so that I can gather up your suggestions and possibly implement them when I’m back working on Elementum. This also includes suggestions for the Creative server, as I have a lot more work to do on that. If we build up a good list of suggestions, It’ll help me be able to focus on what Elementum is lacking the most and make improvements where necessary.

One quick thing I’d like to mention is that we’re looking for Moderators for the Bending-Survival server. You can apply here. Please make sure you play for at least 7 hours a week, however.


That’s it for this community update, please comment any questions and make good use of our suggestions section for the next month!

Here are some community questions, leave your answers in the comments:

  1. Did you prefer the Korra series, or the Aang series and why?
  2. Which element was the weakest in the show in your opinion?
  3. What’s your opinion on twin Avatars for the next Avatar show?

Contest Finished!

Loonyy posted May 21, 17

The build contest on the Creative server is now over! Props to our winner, plus_ulltra

We will be doing more build contests in the future, if you have any suggestions for themes leave them in the comments!

New World!

Loonyy posted May 11, 17

Yes, the new world is coming tonight!

Apologies for the short notice of the server maintenance to upload the new world, but I wasn't sure exactly when I'd have time to do it. In this update, I'm going to write a FAQ and instructions/guidelines on the transfer process. If you have any more questions, feel free to post them in the comment section and I'll be happy to answer them.

The Transition

You will still have access to the old world with /warp oldworld and /warp oldnether. Both the nether and the old world will be reset in three weeks.
We will have a new nether world which you can access from the portal at /spawn. This means you have three weeks to transfer all your items and Kingdom to this new world until it is completely removed from the server. It is requested that you unclaim all Kingdoms land from our old world and nether to ensure there are no potential bugs.

It is imperative that you transfer all items to the new world as soon as possible, and as a reminder, the nether is resetting too!


How big is the world?
13824 blocks by 16384 blocks and has around 26 custom biomes.

Will anything else reset other than the world?
No, statistics, balance, McMMO, etc will all stay the same.

What are other changes coming with this update?
- Combat Log
- Random TP
- Buying spawners from /Shop
- Public End portal warp
- Changes to experience and money earned from mining with McMMO and Jobs. Also, money earned from Nexus.

Feel free to ask any more questions you have in the comments below.

World Information
- This world was created by Moonti, all credit goes to the original owner of the world and huge thanks for letting us use it!
- This world has no spawners or generated structures, there will now be a warp to an End portal and spawners will be bought from the /Shop.
- The world has a Nether biome. You heard me right.
- This is a Minecraft 1.8 world, which means any 1.9+ blocks will not be included.